We uplift marginalized communities through technology.

As an organization we strive to challenge the biases behind algorithms, ensuring that technology development benefits all communities.

Our team has traveled around the world to lead workshops on design thinking and deliver lectures on diversity inclusion, Black creativity, and how to fight white supremacy within technology development.

Through leveraging our expertise, partnerships, and educational initiatives, we are creating a more inclusive and equitable technology landscape that addresses racial disparities and empowers underrepresented communities.

How can the big tech giants develop a future for everyone without including everyone?


Ideation through Afro-futurism is looking into the future with a focus on Black inclusion, technology, and the heights we as a community can reach.


We need to encourage our communities to build equitable systems at the intersection of finance, real estate, education, and technology. 


We have to start being Creators! Not someone else’s consumer.
Communities of color have been severely impacted by COVID-19 and a lot of us have the innovation and technology to develop real solutions. It's time to build!

Join the movement.

GHTech serves as a software and curriculum development company that builds at the intersection of technology and social justice.

We bring a deep understanding of how social and psychological factors influence technology adoption, engagement, and its impact on marginalized communities.

At 16 after a short time at Google, I started this tech company to truly change the diversity numbers in tech, to eliminate the digital divide, and elevate communities of color.