(in)Visible Designers

(in)Visible Designers workshop series at Stanford's d.school

Community Development Radical Inclusivity Hacktivism
In this workshop series powered by GHTech Inc. , in collaboration with Stanford University's d.school, attendees will learn about designing with an eye on radical inclusivity, community development, and hacktivism.

This series is designed to build community between Black and Brown founders of radically inclusive organizations focused on disrupting traditional forms of education, technology creation, and the digital divide.

Students will hear from BIPOC founders and champions of change that fully embody the three themes of our series.

We’ll explore why they do what they do, why it’s so important to the future of our society, and how we can contribute. The community will learn from reflective questions posed at the beginning of each session and collectively shared by the end. The questions will be challenging attendees to incorporate their new hacktivist frameworks into their daily problem-solving, encouraging the community to create and build.

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